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Vision Statement

  • To develop a reliable mechanism that will provide support to ITS clients in a organized, efficient manner.
  • To use the staff and computing resources within ITS to the best advantage for clients and ITS staff.

Office 365 for Students

Please see the Office 365 for Students page for all the details and support links.

Moodle Assignment Drop Boxes

Please see the Moodle Orientation for Students, scroll down to Topic 3 to view information on how to upload your assignments. You may need to click an Enroll Me button before proceeding to the information.

EduRoam and AU

Athabasca University is currently not connected to eduroam. Joining eduroam would require a number of additions and changes to our current infrastructure, as well as ongoing maintenance and support. Requests for eduroam access have been very infrequent, so unfortunately an implementation cannot be justified at this time.

Adobe Connect

If you require the use of Adobe Connect for one of your courses please use this link, https://athabascau.adobeconnect.com/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm to run the Adobe Connect Connection Test. If you do not have the Adobe Connect Add-in, in step 4 you will be prompted to install it.
Please do not use the "Send Results" as it does not work properly.

Suggestions for creating passwords

  • Includes at least three number
  • Includes at least two capital letter
  • Minimum ten characters in length
  • Cannot contain any part of your first or last name, nickname, relative's names or birthdate.
  • Should not be dictionary words or acronyms.
  • Should be unique and not used on other systems or services.
  • Special characters - not all system embrace the use of these

Firefox 33 showing a Black Screen

Some users after upgrading to Firefox 33 have been getting a black screen or crashing.
To fix the issue:

  • Start Firefox in safe mode by holding down the shift Key and clicking on the shortcut.
  • After FireFox loads, go to Tools > Options > Advanced
  • Under the general tab uncheck the use hardware acceleration.
  • Click Ok

Ensuring your cache has been cleared is a good first step when troubleshooting log in or course link issues. Below are instructions on how to clear cache for two recommended web browsers:

Internet Explorer 10 & 11

Internet Explorer 10 & 11 are known to cause compatibility issues with some AU systems/services. We suggest wherever possible to use Firefox, which remains our recommended browser.

AU is no longer able to offer Microsoft Office 2010. If you require Microsoft Office 2010 for your course you may be able to find a copy at another vendor.

AU Student Software Discounts Now Available!

When you call us we may ask you to download AnyDesk.
If asked, please click the link below.

Download AnyDesk for Windows - Download AnyDesk for Apple OS X

When you call us we may ask you to download TeamViewer.
If asked, please click the icon below.

Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer

TeamViewer for Mac

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